Personal Labs

Personal Labs

* Design Layout: I'd like to be able to search alphabetically.

* Order/Receive: Everything online

* Lab Selection: Average.

* Price: A close second lowest. Some prices are the lowest.

* CBC Price: $20.

Never used, but will definitely be using in the future. Some of the lowest prices and best web sites.Only reason I give it 3 1/2 is because I have not ordered yet, but heard and seems legit.

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Anonymous said...

Personal Labs changed draw labs and I couldn't reach anyone but a "guy" who answered the phone. I was told to call them for verbally ordering a discontinuing test and no one ever responded. After 7 years of good service this place is now a joke if you need any customer service. Lousy website and many links don't work.
Going to Private MD labs which is much more customer friendly and they actually will talk to you.