* Design Layout: Best in the industry.

* Order/Receive: You may order one online, by phone or fax. You may receive results online.

* Lab Selection: Above average.

* Price: Above average on most.

* CBC Price: $31

This site has undergone a major overhaul with its design, and it worked well about a year ago. Worth a try. You receive your order immediately online. That's very good. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This place is horrible! The customers service rep was YELLING at me! Why?

I wanted to order a test for my mom. I set up an account and went through checkout expecting to encounter a "shipping" form in which of course I would put her address. Logical, right? No! After I put in my billing info it said, "Thank for your order...".

I called in and the man starts yelling at me because I didn't know beforehand to create the account for the person that was doing the test. There was no instructions to do so. That's right, family of 5= 5 different sign-ups.

So I asked the rep if he could just manually change the shipping address on his end. No big deal, right? He LAID INTO ME for that question yelling "NO!" and that he would refund the order, then I would have to replace the order. Shoot me... I quit at that point.

Searched for a different lab and found True Health Labs which was MUCH better. They were sweet and kind, walked me through the very easy process and apparently, their doctors will do a one on one phone consult with my mother at no charge. Can't beat that!

Bottom line: Being mean is bad for your health, MyMedLab.