Blood Test Price Comparison Tool

A ton of new companies have entered the fold since I last updated which blood test review sites I used. As suspected, the field has been growing exponentially. I had been trying to create a blood test price comparison tool, but got busy with medical school. I really should have subcontracted this, it could have been at minimal expense. Labespy is a great new service that essentially beat me to the punch. Anyways, since I now have insurance, I haven't needed to order blood tests without insurance. A few new players in the fold. Here is a new list:

SaveonLabs: Great customer service, and seamless processing.

Discounted Labs: $29 for a CBC.

MyAffordableLabs: Unknown Price Point - there's quite a few errors in coding here, not purchased from.


Easylabwork: This is a legit good deal $24 for a CBC.

TrueHealthLabs: Diverse test arrays, including Genova Test Diagnostics.

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