Take a Journey Through Your DNA with 23andMe.com I finally spent the money for a 23andme genetic test for the fatigue problems I've been having. I was really looking for a 23andme discount code for a few months, but I couldn't wait anymore. Gilt City has a $75 off voucher, so I'd use that. You still have to pay shipping for 23andme genetic testing, but it's one of the better offers out there. Consumers receive a voucher in their email, Gilt City doesn't send the 23andme kit directly.

I wanted to test my P450 cytochrome system. With some work, 23andme tests CYP2D6 polymorphisms, along with my CYP3A4 polymorphisms. This alone would cost about $1000. With a little bit of research, I can put my results into SNPedia and get the results I need. I can't really think of how else this will be useful, only time will tell. I honestly wish I would have waited a little more for a 23andme promo code, but it's still a good deal. I hope that I spit correctly.

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joyish said...

I bet you’re so excited about the results…I just wanted to know how it works for you?

regards,joy@23andme promo code