Getting a blood test online still is pretty easy by most standards. It's been a while since I've updated this blog, but the best source and quickest results still comes from PrivateMDLabs. I have no financial affiliation with them, and that's what hurts the most. This blog gets a lot of views per day from people looking where to get a blood test online or no prescription blood tests. Hopefully this review has been reasonably helpful. Directlabs is a close second, because their selection is so good and the coupons that they have. But the results and selection and customer service of PMDL can't be beat.

There's a few new walk-in clinics popping up, including anylabtest now. Their selection is low and their prices are moderate, and I think they cater more towards people that drive-by and are like "Hey, now's a good time to be needled."

Just as a joke I went accesalabs.com and they have a QuantiFERON-TB Gold Blood Test! I've never seen that before. This is imperative to me because I've received a BCG vaccination and traditional mantoux testing does not apply. I took a gander at their (took a look sounds too rhymey, took a gander sounds way creepier) Thyroid tests and they are very high. I can't get a good feel of their other prices. All of their hormone panels are exactly the average price. I will order from them within the week, unless I can find a lower TB panel. 3-4 business days for results is a bit high.

HealthTestingCenters has prices on the low end actually. I was surprised to see this. I went ahead and ordered my test in advance, I'll keep everyone posted. 

At first I thought LabTestPortal review was a site mimicking labtestsonline, which is a huge no-no. But LabTestPortal actually is a well-designed and low-price blood test web site with pretty good selection. In fact, their CBC price is $25. Looks like they strictly use Dynacare and Labcorp. 80% refunds.

Orderbloodtestingonline is just a shell affiliate for Privatemdlabs.

This is such a quickly developing field within the next 10 years, makes me want to become a chiro/ND just to be able to order these tests.

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